Graphic recording

This is the real time translation of conversations or presentations into doodles and text. It gives meeting and conference participants the opportunity to absorb content at a visual level. Graphic recorders do three things simultaneously: they listen for key ideas, synthesise them, and document them in visual form. 

Visual Facilitation

We integrate visual elements into the facilitation process, to present content and information in the most engaging way, actively guiding participants and group processes, and documenting outcomes.

Doodle animation

Take your advocacy campaigns and explainer videos to a whole new level with our hand-drawn doodle animations. Whether with voice over or without, our videos ensure maximum engagement and information retention by your audience.

Custom illustrations and layout design

Bring the “oomph” to your publications by having original and unique artwork drawn just for you. We use simple illustrations and mind maps that speak to the essence of the content and keep your reader interested.